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The Illinois Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has been established as required by the Animal Welfare Act and Public Health Service the Humane Care and Animals. The function of the IACUC is to provide oversight and assistance in ensuring compliance to all laws, regulations, and policies governing the care and research and teaching animals.


What activities require an animal use protocol?

What training do I have to have to use animals?

Where can I get help filling out a protocol?

How does the on-line protocol system work?

Approximate Time Required for Review

Type of Review Approx. Time
Pre-review by staff2 days
New protocol review28 days
Renewal protocol review28 days
Significant amendments26 days
Minor amendments2 days
Full committee reviewMonthly Meetings
Facility InspectionsEvery 6 months
PI requested Grant verification3 days

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